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Invasive Weeds Pocket ID Guide

(Available free from RC&D offices)

North Dakota RC&D Councils and a variety of partner organizations and agencies participated in the development and distribution of this pocket-sized, “Field Identification Guide for twenty-five North Dakota Troublesome and Invasive Plants”.  RC&D provided extensive funding from two different invasive and noxious weed grants to help cover the cost of this booklet to make it available to landowners and other stakeholders. RC&D received funding through a Natural Resources Conservation Service “Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative” grant. 

This resource contains color-coded (by flower color) sections that include photos of the invasive weeds in different plant stages, and related identification information for each species, all in a condensed, easy-to-use format.  Partners who have participated with RC&D in the development and/or distribution of these printed resources include: The North Dakota Weed Control Association , ND Soil Conservation Districts, ND Natural Resources Conservation Service , US Fish and Wildlife Service, ND Department of Agriculture, NDSU Extension Service, US Army Corps of Engineers, ND Game and Fish Department, ND Chapter of The Wildlife Society, Friends of Lake Sakakawea, the Lower Sheyenne Purple Loosestrife Project, and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

The Pocket ID Guides are currently available, free-of-cost, from all RC&D councils and partner agencies involved in this project.

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